August Wrap-up and September Plans

Since we’re on the brink of September (and when did that happen?) I thought that I would do a wrap up post for August, before plunging into September where I will be participating in Self-Published Fantasy Month. You can find my TBR for that event here, I have added some to the list since then, but keeping them unofficial so that if I don’t get to them I won’t feel as bad.

August was a good reading month, and I got through 29 books in total, including a few audiobooks which I tend to take longer getting through (I like to have the words in front of me). Some of these were started in July, but I’ve counted them here as they were finished in August. Some, like the Malory Towers books, Seraphina’s Lament and Many are the Dead are rereads.


August Reviews and Posts:

The Vela – Yoon Ha Lee, Becky Chambers, SL Huang and Rivers Solomon

I, Exile – David. M. Samuels (Blog Tour)

Norsevember TBR

The Naseby Horses – Dominic Brownlow (Blog Tour)

Self-Published Fantasy Month TBR

The House of Styx – Derek Künsken

The Vanished Birds – Simon Jimenez

Mini Reviews

Cannibal City – Jennifer Lee Thomson (Blog Tour)

Kings & Daemons – Marcus Lee (Blog Tour)

Sorcery of a Queen – Brian Naslund

Blood of an Exile – Brian Naslund

IFA Summer Challenge: Mini Reviews 4

Mini Reviews


Upcoming Reviews

While I will be primarily focusing on Self-Published Fantasy for September, I will also have some more mini reviews up as I work through my netgalley shelf. I also have a review coming later this week for ‘The Bone Shard Daughter’ by Andrea Stewart, ‘Rage of Dragons’ by Evan Winter. Later on in September I will have a review for ‘Northern Wrath’ by Thilde Kold Holdt  and hopefully at some point a review of the Emaneska Series by Ben Galley which was one of my first reads for August, but the review so far has proved…uncooperative.  There will be other reviews in between the Self-Published ones, but these are the ones that are definitely going to happen.

State of the Shelf:

Current titles on my netgalley shelf:



As always there is lots to read, and I keep adding to my TBR. However, for the time being work has settled into a pattern where I’m working three days and off for four, so lots of time for reading and writing. In terms of writing, I am buried deep in restructuring at the moment and storyboarding some of the scenes that were giving me grief.

What are you planning on reading in September? Are you taking part in Self-Published Fantasy Month? Let me know, and always feel free to talk books with me.


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