Indie Sunday: ABC of Authors

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I was intending to kick off Indie Sundays with a review, but life has had other plans, so today I am going to share my A-Z list of Indie Authors to check out (I will be doing a traditionally published version at some point too, but today is all about indie).

The list is done alphabetically by Surname, and aside from three books (Authors E, Q, Y, Z) which are marked by **, I have read at least one book by these authors, and those that are marked are ones that I will be reading in the near future. All these books are either self-published or from independent publishers.

I haven’t been able to come up with authors for Q or X so if you have any suggestions for authors whose surnames begin with these letters please shoot them my way so I can complete the ABC.


A – C.D. Alexander

52677483. sx318 sy475


B – Jesse Nolan Bailey

51404466. sy475


C- Sarah Chorn

50387435. sy475


D – Thiago d’Eveque

48638122. sx318


E – J. D. Evans**

52693716. sx318 sy475


F – Michael R Fletcher

49817747. sx318 sy475


G – Ben Galley



H – Rob J. Hayes

42732016. sy475


I – Susana Imaginário

52737373. sx318 sy475


J – A.M. Justice

31789331. sy475


K – J.C. Kang

50061716. sx318 sy475


L – Bjørn Larssen

55586820. sy475


M – Deck Matthews


N – Richard Nell

35994830. sy475


O – Roland O’Leary



P – Carol A. Park

39866516. sy475


Q – ???


R – Stas Rolla

52512849. sx318


S – Jordan Loyal Short



T – Luke Tarizan

55112933. sy475


U – Chris R. Underwood

52340023. sy475


V – A.J. Vrana

49547508. sy475


W – M.L. Wang


X – ???


Y – Harry Young **

43613876. sy475


Z – Kate Zaber **

Ashes and Blood (Dalya Book 1) by [Katie Zaber]


If you’ve read any of these, or have any recommendations you’d like to save then feel free to shout at me.


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