November Wrap-Up and What’s On for December

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Well November has come and gone and we’re now in Christmas Month (I work in retail so it is definitely a month long event lol). November was both a productive and unproductive month, as I read A LOT, but fell behind on reviews due to pain making it hard to focus – alas reviews don’t transport me to other worlds in the way books do, so I am now playing catch up so I will have a lot of Posts between now in Christmas.

This also had a knock-on effect on Nanowrimo and I came nowhere close to the 50K on the YA project I was supposed to be working on in between editing, on the other hand, editing is progressing – slower than I would like but progress is being made, and it will be off to an editor sooner rather than later, and I now have dozens of random scenes for the follow up book because I turned into a bit of a mood writer this month which is both good (because yay, words were written) but also a pain, as I can’t use them for a while.

That said, I had a fantastic time participating in Norsevember (even if nearly all my reviews were crammed into a single post right at the end), and while I fell off the wagon with the Sci-Fi Month challenge, I have started on Dune so I am not counting it as a complete loss.

I have also caught up with Critical Role, reread the Godblind trilogy (in Audiobook form, as I adore both the books and narrator), and I am currently working on a large A2 map for a friend. While in DnD, my Disaster Tiefling Niamh is currently stuck in frog-form courtesy of her Archfey Patron (to be remedied this weekend when she is going to try and escape) and no longer has any memories of her friends in the party (the cost of casting the Wish Spell via a magical flower to yeet a Kraken to save the party and the Water plane).

I love DnD XD.

Oh, and I also finally got confirmation that my university had fixed the issue with one of my modules and that I have (somehow) completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Coastal and Maritime Societies and Cultures – something which I am more relieved than excited about, but still a good thing in 2020.

November Wrap-Up

November Posts & Reviews:

Books Read:

Books Read but to be Reviewed in December:

What’s On – December Edition:

Upcoming Blog Tours/Blitzes:

  • Tristian’s Folly (The Gifted and the Cursed #2) – Marcus Lee
  • All Down the Line – Andrew Field
  • Mongkok Station – Jake Needham
  • Steel & Stone (The War of the North Saga #1) – Kate Haley
  • Amari and the Night Brothers – B.B. Alston
  • Deadline – Geoff Major
  • The Boy who Walked Too Far – Dom Watson
  • The Last Survivor – Tony Park
  • The Lies of Our Fathers – Jonathan Mark
  • Cooking with Cannibals – Rich Ledar (First Author Q & A!!)
  • The Comfort of Distance – Ryburn Dobbs

December also marks my one-year anniversary of being a book blogger, so I will be doing something to celebrate when the day comes (I can’t believe it’s been a year already \o/… well almost), and I will be doing a Year Wrap-up as well as looking ahead to some of my most anticipated books for next year. Later in the month I will also be unveiling the new badge system that will replace the star-rating system that is currently in place.

What are you planning on reading in December? Are you taking part in any reading challenges? Let me know, and always feel free to talk books with me.


6 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up and What’s On for December

    1. Rowena Andrews

      Some of those were started the month before or earlier, and were just finished off in November. I also work part-time, and don’t sleep much so I have a lot of reading time. Unfortunately, speed reading is something that I can’t do because I am dyslexic, and more often than not I am having to re-read pages that get scrambled.


  1. Rin @ The Thirteenth Shelf

    Why are there so many good looking books in this post??? I’ve not been keeping up with my blog reading, so I had to go back and read all of the reviews for books I thought were interesting. That review of a Love Actually takedown was so unexpected! That movie is so terrible and nonsensical, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

    Happy 1 year to your blog! I look forward to seeing what you do to celebrate!


    1. Rowena Andrews

      I live to tempt you 😉 and there are some lovely covers in there. Haha, sometimes I like to read something that doesn’t match anything else, and I just loved the title of that one and it was such a fun read, and gods it is a terrible (yet oddly enjoyable) film.

      Thank you! I need to get on the ball of figuring that out lol, work has been kicking my bum for the oast week.


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