2020 Rewind


Posting this today, as I will most likely not be around on NYE. Despite everything this has been an excellent year for reading (it was how I survived lockdown #1 – and it along with writing – will see me through the current lockdown). As a result, I finished this year having not only completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge target of 200 books, but surpassing it to read (and listen as I have dipped into audiobooks this year) to 333 books. I’ve had favourites, discovered lots of new authors especially indie authors, and sure there have been some that I haven’t enjoyed quite as much for one reason or another, usually that they’re just not meant for me and someone else will love them as much as I love my favourites.

This year, between all the sudden debate I have seen about best/worst of list, and just because 2020 has been a hell year, and none of us need to add to that, least of all when we are about to be free of 2020. I have decided instead to highlight ALL the books that I have read this year. Below the cut you will find a gallery of all the books I have read – some I’ve reviewed in one format or another on this blog, others are only across on GR and some only have a rating because sometimes it’s nice to read a book and not have to try and arrange words into a review. I have not included covers more than once, even though there are a few books that I have read more than once this year.

Anyway enough rambling, here are my 2020 books.

Along with a massive thank you from me to the authors, illustrators, narrators, agents, editors and publishers that have brought these books to life over the years, and given me a chance to lose myself in their pages.


Warning: This is a long post (and may add to your TBR)

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3 thoughts on “2020 Rewind

  1. Rin @ The Thirteenth Shelf

    lol I love how the person who read the most books on my WP Reader list is also the one who decides to do a roundup of ALL the books they read this year. I looked, but there is no way I’m touching anything, no matter how shiny it is. You’ve already added way too much to my TBR. 😛

    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowena Andrews

      But they’re so shiny *opens cloak to show the books hidden underneath*. Haha, it’s great to know I added to your TBR, and I was a little extra with the roundup, but I didn’t want to choose lol.

      Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

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