December Wrap-up, January TBR and a Peek Beyond


We did it, we survived 2020. I have to admit that 2021 doesn’t look so different at the moment, especially with what else happened last night at 11PM, but while we face an upward hike – I’m currently stuck at home and furloughed once more – I am optimistic. Life is too short to be any other way. And while 2020 was a hell year, it wasn’t without bright spots.

I started this blog and it has grown and gone much further than I ever imagined when I first started, I’ve made lots of friends through blogging, read lots of fantastic books and spent lots of wonderful hours under imaginary skies.

I also managed to complete my Postgraduate Diploma in Coastal and Maritime Societies and Cultures – not the Masters I had initially signed up for, but that’s okay, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved and I’ve realised that as much as I love learning, I am done with university. There was a time when I thought academia was my dream, but things have changed, I’ve changed and that’s fine.

I somehow managed to write a ridiculous amount of fanficton – yes, I am that person – but considering that every word felt like a battle in 2020, I am going to celebrate it. I hit 4 million words on AO3 last year, and I somehow posted over 2 million words – admittedly some were rewrites but that’s a lot of words. I also completed the first draft of my original novella and I am in the process of editing it, before it will go off to my editor by the end of this month.



I’ve never been a huge fan of setting resolutions, as everything is ongoing as far as I’m concerned and life doesn’t tend to care about lofty goals you set yourself. However, with 2021 I do have one goal – and that is to unleash that novella on the world, while working on my others projects – some related, some not – but all ones that have my blood pumping and looking forward to the year ahead.

Outside of writing, I want to keep learning Japanese, get back into watching more anime as it is something that I love but have somehow spent less and less time on recently, see more of Scotland (once we can travel again), play lots more D&D, and read a lot.

Simple goals for the most part, but ones that make me smile.

So, now on with the Wrap-Up itself, a look at what lies ahead for January and the rest of the year.


Looking Ahead:

This TBR includes books that I’ve already started but haven’t finished yet, as well as new ones.

So, for 2021 I have decided to stick with my Goodreads goal of 200 the same as 2020, as while I smashed it last year – I am hoping not to have a three month lockdown this year, and I will also be spending more time on writing.

I am also kicking of my personal series-reading challenge this month, picking up the First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie, The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan and Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson.

Apart from that, I will also be participating in the 2021 SFF Badge Collection Bingo (you can find all the details and see the amazing badges here) organised by Alex at Spells & Spaceships and in the spirit of Pokemon I can’t wait to catch them all!

***** ***** *****

There will be no posts this weekend, as I am taking the time to finish off some writing commissions and to curl up with a book or two, and roll some dice on Sunday night… and apologize to my DnD party for dropping a Fireball on their head at the end of last session (Wild magic is a ride….) But, I will be back on Monday with some more Mini Reviews (I have a little carry over from 2020 to get through!) as well as my plans for the new weekly schedule!

Also, Monday’s Mini Reviews will be the first to feature my new rating system (you can see most of the details here) with these badges:

and I am also adding these to the roster:

These ones are to indicate the format of what is being reviewed, including a couple of categories that I am looking to expand or venture into, although this will always first and foremost remain a book blog. But, with some adaptations on the horizon I ‘m planning ahead.

These badges are to mark books that are either all-rounders (in which case they would have all three) or to highlight the aspect that shines the strongest. Worldbuilding is always something that calls to me, but I know that some people are more convinced by the plot, style of prose or want character-driven stories and I hope these badges will help to highlight those books.


There will also be a few other little tweaks to the reviews, and I am looking forward to ushering in these changes as we venture into this brave new year.

Happy New Year Everyone and may 2021 be full of books for everyone!


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    1. Rowena Andrews

      I do sleep, just not a lot. My usual is four hours a night, and I work part-time so I have a looot of free time. Clones would be useful though. I have no idea where all the words have come from though, I went to check the stats and was :0 when I saw them.

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