January Wrap-up and February TBR


Well 2021 has been off to a fairly bumpy start, and I very tired of furlough and lockdown and that has translated into a general lack of motivation. However, that said there have been some bright spots this month. One has been D&D which I’m now playing twice a week, bouncing between a Dragonborn Cleric, a Drow Rogue and Tiefling Sorlock, and from next week I will be running a text-based version with another group and I can’t wait (it’s also given me an excuse to play with world-building and maps which always cheers me up).

I also got to read an e-Arc of Oh, That Shotgun Sky the new novella by Sarah Chorn that comes out in February, which has left me with a book hangover that has lasted weeks and is certainly one of my favourite books for 2021.

Then there has been TBRcon organised by David across at FanFiAddict, which was both a delightful break from the monotony of lockdown, but has also quadrupled my TBR and introduced me to some new authors, and it has also kicked me into action and I’ve got back to my editing and been playing with some new scenes (and worked out some kinks in the plot). The panels were fantastic, and I will be rewatching quite a few of them.


Reviews to come for Brother Red, At the Gates, Pawn’s Gambit and the Last Bear.

Looking Ahead:

As you can see for the February TBR there have been a few carry overs because I fell behind on the series read-through, so I will be doing First Law alongside The Empire of Dust this month, as well as starting Wheel of Time, as I continue with Malazan.

I have however made good progress with the Spells & Spaceships SFF Badge collection, and I am now up to 10 badges \o/.

  • The Big’un Badge – Gardens of the Moon – Steven Erikson
  • The Dragon Badge – The Dragon and Her Boy – Penny Chrimes
  • The Animal Companion Badge – Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
  • The New Release Badge – The Brass Queen – Elizabeth Chatsworth
  • The Uncovered Diamond Badge – Doors of Sleep – Tim Pratt
  • The Asian Inspiration Badge – Pawn’s Gambit – Rob J. Hayes
  • The SPFBO Badge – Voice of War – Zack Argyle
  • The Debut Badge – The Forever Sea – Joshua Phillips Johnson
  • The Space Opera Badge – Red Rising – Pierce Brown
  • The Artificial Intelligence Badge – All Systems Red – Martha Wells

Here’s hoping that February will be a better month.


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