The Ultimate Tour Experience: Progress Update


This year Storytellers on Tour have introduced the Ultimate Tour Experience (Information and Rules can be found HERE) which is a fun book bingo challenge based on the books that we read for the various tours and blitzes they run, and this is the first of three check-ins for the year. I have decided to do the challenge on hard mode, so I will only be using one ticket from each book rather than the possible two (otherwise I might already have completed it).

Progress so Far:

(Blue books mark books that have been completed, purple is books that I am currently reading/waiting to post about. In my own records I have also marked off possible tickets for events I am waiting to hear about, but I decided not to include them here).

Ticket 1:

Ticket 2:

Ticket 3:

  • Another one bites the pixie dust:
  • Here be Dragons: Songs of Insurrection – J.C. Kang
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying:
  • Storyteller in the House: Bloodlines – Peter Hartog (Upcoming)
  • Free: Astral Cuts – John Notlad (Review coming next week)
  • Valhalla Awaits: Cold from the North – D.W. Ross (Upcoming)
  • Bring on the magic:
  • Simply Mythical: Red in Tooth and Claw – Ryan Howse (Upcoming)
  • A Gate to Another World: White as Frost – Anthea Sharp (Upcoming)


Throughout the year we have the option to swap two tickets between cards, but only ONCE. , so I have switched Man’s Best Friend with Snark it Up, allowing me to complete Ticket #1 for this check-in.


So that is where I am with this challenge.

Also for a quick update on the blog, I’ve been a little quieter this week because I have been working to build up a buffer of blog posts and start preparing for Wyrd & Wonder next month. I am finally back at work tomorrow (19th April) after what has been far too long (115 days I worked it out), and while I am excited (and may have been counting down the days for the last two weeks), I’m not sure how it was going to impact my reading and reviewing so I wanted that buffer while I readjust. As such I actually have a lot of reviews (some a little overdue) heading your way in the next few weeks.


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