It’s Going to be a Wyrd and Wonder(ful) May


Just a short post as we sit on May-Eve. May has crept up on me rather suddenly amongst the craziness that has been going back to work, and next month is going to be busy, busy, busy. I’ve signed up for a workshop with the Storytelling Collective to create a D&D encounter, which I’m really looking forward to. While BBNYA 2021 is starting soon, and I am one of the bloggers involved this year. I’m also working away on my own novel and getting back into the groove of things as life returns to something loosely like normality.

Then there is Wyrd and Wonder…

I loved this event last year, and I’ve been chipping away preparing for this year so I’m hoping that I will be able to do the 31 day challenge. I’ve got a mixture of posts written and planned – and not all book related for some variety, so keep an eye on the blog throughout the month (and this is in addition to the reviews I am catching up with).


Imyril has also created this wonderful bingo card for Wyrd and Wonder, so I will be seeing how boxes I can tick off with my reading this month. However, outwith any books that I need to read for tours and review requests, I am not creating a set TBR as I’m still getting used to balancing work with everything else and I want to enjoy this, I’m also hoping to use the prompts


Are you taking part in Wyd and Wonder? What books are you planning on reading?


8 thoughts on “It’s Going to be a Wyrd and Wonder(ful) May

  1. May has definitely crept up on us, it seems like. Where did April go? but so glad to see W&W here and looking forward to all the fantasy goodness!


  2. Hallo, Hallo Rowena,

    *waves!* 👏👏 I am always so wickedly happy about who participates in our companion challenges – this year, along with the RAL Imyril really knocked me socks off by the bingo card!! I am so giddy about bingos — even if I never seem to complete the boards, its the pursuit of them which I love to chase after! I’m going to do weekly updates on my progresses — the prompt challenges I’m working into different posts sprinkled throughout the month and I might post some #bookphotos on #booktwt too. I’m taking a more relaxed approach to those this year… but I might do some book spine poetry, too! A new addiction of mine which I fuelled during #SciFiMonth a few years ago!

    However which way you get to join us, we’re thankful to have you!! Plus, I know what you mean about returning to work – that happened to me in February. The immense fatigue and health blacklash I undertook Feb-April has been unreal. You have full sympathies because even without the health woes, it is still a re-adjustment.

    I hope your Wyrd and Wonder(ful) May is one rockin’ blast!!

    PS: I gave a sneak peek @ some of my TBR this month on my Year 4 Intro Post!! Two reviews released as well – both for MG Fantasy and featuring multicultural characters. They both were unputdownable and #bookhugs all round for me.

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