The World of the Citadel


Today is the start of #WyrdandWonder and the challenge prompt for today is ‘we’re going on an adventure’. I have a book review for Little White Hands by Mark Cushen coming up this afternoon/evening which falls firmly into this prompt.

However, I also wanted to do something a little different – and keep to my goal of talking about my wip in public at least once a week, so here is a whistlestop tour of my world (all maps are in progress – and I’m not sharing my messy handscrawled ones, if only because no one would be able to read the writing on them- including me half the time!)

The Echo:

The Echo is just that, an echo of the world. Colourless beyond the conflict of it’s inhabitants, it is found beyond the edge of the endless waters, and it is home and prison to the Gods.

Inspired by the pictures below of the NE Fife coast.


Similar to The Echo, Kalinsar is very much influenced by Scottish landscapes and outwith Karin and three other cities/large towns, it is mainly small villages and hamlets and isolated farms, with a lot of open space. It’s main wealth lies in agriculture, fishing and the main faiths.

Kalin / The Citadel / City of the Gods

The Citadel lies against The Sorrows, the mountain range that seperates Kalinsar from Lawali. The original Citadel was created by the Gods of Life and Death within sight of the lands of the First Gods, and to watch over their newly created human children. Over the years, it has been added to by human hands to become the sprawling, chaotic walled city of Kalin. It is the seat of the monarchy, and the anchorpoint of peace between the two countries as well as the home of the Great Temples of the Harvester and Singer.

(Temple of the Harvester)

(Temple of the Singer)

The Spindlewood

There are multiple woods and forests in Kalinsar, but none like the Spindlewood. This is an ancient forest, which comes as close to ‘magical’ as anywhere in this world, having been planted and nurtured by the First Gods to protect their third daughter The Weaver.


Lawali is the first land. Older than Kalinsar, it was the home and battleground of the First Gods – and the landscape is very much shaped by the various conflicts between the Gods. It’s wealth lies in ores and minerals, and it’s warriors particularly those from the mountain tribes in The Teeth.

The Sandsea

The Sandsea is a lasting area of devastation from the battle between Niam and Zatani , here the sands constantly move like water and few will brave the treacherous, fleeting paths to travel through. Of those who do, most are lost, and those who do manage to eke out an existence there are regarded with suspicion.

Dessert Sand Dune

The Crescent Isle(s) / The Cradle

The Crescent Isle(s) or the Cradle are a scarcely inhabited volcanic archipelago off the southwest coast of Kalinsar. Originally it was a large, singular Isle in the domain of Niam, but it was sundered when the Goddess Lianke took refuge there to give birth to their daughter while hunted by her husband.


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8 thoughts on “The World of the Citadel

  1. I love fantasy maps. And the Fife coast looks so misty and forbidding- what an awesome inspiration! The Scottish landscapes of course looks like wonderful inspirations for a fantasy land as well. I like the sound of Ashedown Forest. 🙂

    The Crescent Isles look amazing!


  2. Hallo, Hallo Rowena,

    As a writer, I love seeing how maps and worlds are lit alive for the writer as their creating their stories. I haven’t seen mock-ups like these before – esp for the maps – did you have someone design these for you or did you use a specific program to do them yourself!? The collages are equally impressive – did you find a lot of those via Unsplash? I liked how you organised the regions and also how you truly epitomised the prompt about ‘going on an adventure’ into your own world-building!

    PS: Don’t forget to add the attribution on the posts you feature the banner for Wyrd And Wonder. As Imyril does herself on the footer of her blog posts.


  3. azucchi

    This looks so cool! I wish you successful writing and world building and I’d love to see more of this intriguing world


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