Wyrd & Wonder Challenge: Prompts 1-9


Wow this week got away from me, I thought I was getting used to being back at work but I have been so tired this week and I’ve fallen behind on the prompts. So, I’ve decided to do a catch-up post for the first 9 prompts for the #WyrdAndWonder challenge and I will start afresh from tomorrow.

May 1st – We’re going on an adventure

“This will be a treacherous journey, Garlan, should the High Seasons decide to let you embark on it. There will be terrible perils along the way, and I daresay we will not return home completely unscathed if we return at all.”

This was a lovely whimsical read, that came out at the start of May and you can find my review HERE

Lord of the Rings is always a book that comes to mind when someone mentions going on adventure, and I remember being swept away the first time I picked the books up just before the first film came out, and it has become a series/book that I read at least once a year.

This is another series that springs to mind when you talk about journeys and adventures, and has been one of my favourite reads this year.

You can find my reviews here: The Hollow Road | The Archive | The Place Below

***** *****

May 2nd – Pop this in your book bag of holding

You will notice a very clear bias in my books for this prompt:

Seraphina’s Lament was the first book I read by Sarah Chorn, and has remained firmly at the top of my favourites list ever since. This is also the book that inspired me to keep writing, and I can’t wait for An Elergy for Hope which is due for release next year and is available for Preorder (UK | US).


I’d had the second book for this series on my most anticipated list, and this novella was a fantastic surprise and is my top read for 2021 so far.

You can read my review HERE

Of Honey and Wildfires is one of those books that utterly devastated me. There were tears. And I loved every moment of it, and it is right up there with Seraphina’s Lament on my list of favourites.

You can read my review HERE

Glass Rhapsody is due out in June and is available for PREORDER NOW (US | UK) , and I am so excited to see this one out in the world and to have it on my shelf alongside Of Honey and Wildfires because those covers are going to look glorious next to one another. This one was on my most anticipated sequels list for this year, and my excitement for it only continues to grow.

***** *****

May 3rd – #MapMonday


I’m currently working on a review for this fantastic book which I received for my birthday last year. I intended to have it up this week, but it turns out I have a lot of (good) things to say about this book so I am taking my time (and it may up being my longest review yet). But, below you can see some of the maps that are included within its pages – and if you love maps in books, then this is a must read.

***** *****

May 4th – I never knew my father #TropeTuesday

Daine remains one of my favourite characters from my childhood, and I still enjoy how her story unfolds, as she learns about her magic and as she discovers whose daughter she is.

This is another book that I can’t wait to read. Critical Role was my doorway to D&D as I’d always been too nervous to approach a group before, and Caleb has been my favourite from the start of the campaign and I am looking forward to learning more about his origins and what happened to him.

This is another old favourite, and family and inheritance are strong themes throughout. While the middle book in particular deals with the orphaned Painted Man. This was a series I reread a lot back in the day, and its one that I’ve been itching to pick up again recently.

***** *****

May 5th – I can do this all day

Another favourite series, and Darksoul is an excellent example of fighting against the odds as much of this book follows the events of a siege. The entire series, is a fight against the odds in many ways, but Darksoul really exemplifies it (and is my favourite book of the trilogy).

You can find my reviews here: Godblind | Darksoul | Bloodchild

Another series that deals with varying odds, and Tristan’s Folly is another fantastic example of a siege situation. The entire series is brilliant.

You can read my reviews here: Kings & Daemons | Tristan’s Folly | The End of Dreams

This was one I stumbled across when searching for indie books last year, the striking cover catching my attention and I loved the book from start to finish. It falls into the ‘against overwhelming odds’ category as those in the centre of the story find themselves against an enemy with more power, more numbers and more allies.

You can read my review HERE

***** *****

May 6th – Fly my pretties

Again there is a certain bias in my answers here, and no Pegasi unfortunately:

This series was my gateway to SFF after I found Dragonsong tucked away on the bookcase, and while it doesn’t have quite the same impact these days when I dip back into the series, I will always have fond memories of this series – and it (along with my father) are responsible for my love of Dragons.

I love this cover, and it has been on my TBR for a while (I need more hours in a day) and I am delighted that I will be on a Storytellers on Tour blog tour for it next month which means I will have no more excuses to not dive into this book.

This series was the first time I ever encountered Weredragons, and while it hasn’t aged 100% its still a fun series to read – especially the first one!

***** *****

May 7th – Fantasy from around the world

Having just finished the trilogy there was no way I couldn’t include it on this list. This Filipino inspired series has a beautifully crafted world, food descriptions that will make your mouth water, and a storyline that will devastate and thrill you from start to finish.

You can read my reviews here:

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro | The Ikessar Falcon | The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng

Drawing its inspiration from Chinese History, this is a brutal look at invasion and conflict and the impact it can have on a nation. It is also a brilliant example of secondary world creation can be done, and although it is not necessarily the easiest series to read it leaves a lasting impact.

Limbo is a fascinating, twisting tale that blends together religion, folklore and legend with a delicious dash of history to complete the mix. What I particularly enjoyed was how the author used real-world myths and legends, changing them just enough and weaving them seamlessly into his own narrative. It was great to see different cultures being woven together, creating what is essentially a tour-de-force of mythology.

You can read my full review HERE

May 8th – Currently Reading

This is a reread of one of my favourite books from 2020.

You can read my review HERE

I’ve only just started this one, but I’m really enjoying it so far.

You can Preorder this one now: US | UK

The first book I’ve bought since being able to go physically to the bookshop (although I was tempted by a few others), and this is for book research for this project.

***** *****

May 9th – Spine Poetry or Mother’s Day

Orka. That is all I have to say about mothers in this book. I will have a review up for this book at some point in the coming week, and I can promise there will be some more rambling about her there.

The Sword of Kaigen is always one of the first books that pops into my head whenever people mention mothers in fantasy. Misaki is a fantastic character, and one that I don’t think I will ever tire of reading.

You can read my review HERE

This one didn’t quite land for me, but I could not leave it off a list about mothers in fantasy as it is such a dominant, well-written feature of this book.


IMAGE CREDITS: images by Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

4 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder Challenge: Prompts 1-9

  1. azucchi

    I quite like this format with all the prompts together! I saw your Mother’s Day list, and I’d quite like to know more of your thoughts on The Second Bell because I just bought it and am planning to read it this month, if I can. That prompt also made me think of Sairō’s Claw by Virginia McClain, which has just come out and has two very badass mothers (they’re wives) and I think you’d probably enjoy it!


  2. TNT

    That map book looks very cool and I look forward to your review. I almost went with Diane for the fatherless prompt, but in the end I chose another book (Talking to Dragons by Patricia Wrede). Thanks for responding to so many prompts, you’ve shown me some authors I haven’t seen before.


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