Wyrd and Wonder: Desert Island Reads


Today I’m sharing my Desert Island Reads for day twelve of the #WyrdAndWonder challenge. You can find the details for the prompt HERE. It was so hard to choose, particularly the eight books (without breaking the rules and trying to sneak on entire series), and I have redone it several times. However, I’ve gone for a mixture of comfort reads and favourites, and ones that I want to reread and haven;t had the chance. Books that I know I will happily read over and over – although some of them are the first in a series, and will drive me up the wall wanting to know what happens next.


  1. Seraphina’s Lament – Sarah Chorn

Not only is this one my favourite book, it has become something of a comfort read that I go back to over and over again so there is no way I could wash up on desert island without it.

***** *****

2. Darksoul – Anna Stephens

Yes, I’ve chosen the middle book of a trilogy (although if I could sneak in the entire trilogy I would). However, Darksoul is another book that I read over and over, and as long as memory of the rest of the series doesn’t disappear between sea and sand I would be happy to keep diving into this one again and again.

***** *****

3. The Jealousy of Jalice – Jesse Nolan Bailey

Okay, this one has just bumped LOTR off the list!! Perhaps it’s becaue I’m rereading this at the moment, but it was one of my favourite books from last year and rereading it has reminded me of just how much I love this book.

***** *****

4. The Lost War – Justin Lee Anderson

Since this one hasn’t left my thoughts since I read it earlier this year, it’s an easy addition to the list because I want to read it again, especially now I know the twist! Although this is one that will drive me mad with wanting to know what happens next.

***** *****

5. Squire – Tamora Pierce

Another book from the middle of a series – in this case book three of a quartet. The Protector of the Small Quartet is a series that I have loved since I was a child, and it’s one that has held up to the test of time, and Squire is my favourite of the four.

***** *****

6) Demonwars Saga – R.A. Salvatore

This was one of the first fantasy series I read after Pern, and I was obsessed. I memorized the song/poem at the start of the first book, and even now I can recite most of it, and while I haven’t revisited often over the years I do think about it often, and a desert island would be the perfect excuse to return to this series without the mammoth TBR wailing at me.

***** *****

7. Children – Bjørn Larssen

This is another favourite from last year, and one that I’ve been meaning to find the time to reread so onto the list it goes!

***** *****

8. Legacy of the Brightwash – Krystle Matar

Admittedly I’d probably drive myself crazy with wanting to know what happens in the next book – hey, motivation for trying to escape the island? – but this big chonk would keep me entertained for a while, and is one I would happily read over and over.

***** *****

TV / Movie / Podcast

This was an easy choice. While I’ve mainly watched the show – either live or via youtube, I have listened to the podcast while traveling. It’s hundreds of hours of entertainment, and will scratch that D&D itch which will haunt me if I’m stranded for a while.

***** *****

Luxury Item

Notebook And Black Ballpoint Pen

I’m going to be honest – the temptation to say dice for my luxury item was very high. However, I managed to suppress my inner dice goblin and I would say notebooks and pens. I need to be able to write and doodle – ideas aren’t going to dry up on a desert island, especially with books to inspire me.


What would your desert island reads be?


IMAGE CREDITS: images by Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

4 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder: Desert Island Reads

  1. TNT

    I hear you on the hard to choose part! I still can’t decide on the non-book items, though I picked anthologies and omnibuses for several of the books. I find it interesting that you chose the middle books of some series–I’d be afraid of frustration at not having the whole thing.

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