Blogger Spotlight: Portable Magic – Trinity (Trin)


Twitter has been on fire today with shout-outs and recommendations, and if you want the chance to discover new and awesome AV bloggers then please check out the hashtag #appreciateblogs on twitter.

For the second spotlight today I want to do a shout-out to Trin at Portable Magic (and at @AvengedHeart54 on twitter). Trin is a lovely person and has an absolutely fantastic taste in books (which has see by TBR grow more than once), especially those that might pass under the radar. And she is very busy, maintaining a blog and the YouTube channel and just generally being a wonderful, active member of the bookish community.

I find Trin’s reviews to be very insightful, but what I really love is how she will add recommendations for similar books that you might like at the end of each review, which is such a great idea.


I love Trin’s videos which always feel like sitting down for a chat with a friend about books, and I enjoy the range of videos from book tags, to discussions and book recommendations. There are some changes coming to her channel and you should check out her newest video (link below), and I love what she’s done so far and I’m looking forward to where she’s going in the future.

(Channel Changes and Discussion)


Please do take the time to check out Trin’s Channel and blog and show them some love, and also to shout out about any bloggers and blogs that you love.


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