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Something a little different today as I was tagged on twitter to do ‘The Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag’.


Thank the person that tagged you – Thanks Peter

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Most of all!  Enjoy!

5 Star Read

An Altar on the Village Green (The Chained God #1) – Nathan Hall

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I picked this one up not really knowing anything about the game it is inspired by, but loving the sound of the premise and I was not prepared for just how much I loved this book. An Altar on the Village Green has become something of an obsession, and has left me with a book hangover that is still going strong nearly two months later – to the point where I am going to be rereading it later this week because it is calling to me so strongly, and I cannot wait for the next book.

‘I was a Lance.

A giddy part of me wanted to cleave through the air with the sword, like I had with sticks growing up. I’d dreamed of it. Slaying monsters and bringing comfort to the suffering. A hero, like those before me.

Another part wanted to crawl into a wardrobe and hide, something I’d not done since long before I’d last fought with sticks. In moments I would begin my journey toward one of the countless fallen lands. Toward Horror. Toward fear and madness, violence and death. The High Cantor was right; I didn’t know what awaited me. No one did.’


Always Going to Recommend:

Absolutely ANYTHING by Sarah Chorn

Songs of Sefate – Of Honey and Wildfires, Glass Rhapsody and Oh, That Shotgun Sky

Bloodlands – Seraphina’s Lament

I absolutely love every single book that Sarah Chorn has written (and there are some amazing ones coming), and Seraphina’s Lament has remained at the top of my favourites list since the moment I first read it. I will always recommend these books and would happily talk about them all day long…possibly cry about them too.

Own it but haven’t read it yet:

Beggar’s Rebellion – Levi Jacobs

44078583. sy475

I own far too many books that I still need to read, but this one recently came back onto my radar. I grabbed it along with a load of SPFBO titles a while ago, and it’s one that I’m really looking forward to getting to and has been bumped up the TBR possibly for SPFM since that’s around the corner.

Would Read Again:

I loved this trilogy, to the point where I was always there at midnight waiting for the book to drop on kindle each time a new one came out and staying up to read it. Eska is such a wonderful protaganists (even when I wanted to throttle her at times), and I just loved everything about this series from the characters, to the world and the magic system, and now I want to read it again right now.

Also I cannot wait for Sins of the Mother the next book in this series, and I know that I will definitely be rereading this trilogy in preparation.

In Another World

Cradle of Sea & Soil (Islandborn #1) – Bernie Anés Paz

53486007. sy475

The world-building was absolutely my favourite part of this book, and I was ready to relocate to this world within the first few pages (or at least holiday there). This Caribbean-inspired world was just vividly realised, and I loved all the details that Paz wove into the world.

I have a review coming for this next month.

Back on Earth:

The Guardian of Empire City Series – Peter Hartog

This has rapidly become my favourite Urban… Science-Fantasy, and I love that it straddles the boundary between multiple genres, combining SFF with crime/thriller/mystery to create a truly memorable story. It also has one of my favourite characters that I have read this year in Doc Holliday, who has such a fantastically strong character voice and a way of phrasing things that will have you smiling within the first few lines.


This was a really fun tag, and thanks again to Peter at The Swordsmith for tagging me. I will be tagging people on twitter, but if you want to join in the fun go for it!

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