SPFM Daily Challenge: “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” – C. S. Lewis


Today I’m continuing with the Self-Published Fantasy Month Daily Challenge (See image below or for more information check Here). Day two’s prompt is: “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” – C. S. Lewis. While there aren’t so much fairytales in the world of the Citadel, most children are raised with tales of the Gods and so today I’m sharing part of the origin myth.


When the First Gods came into being, there was nothing.

    First came Zatani, the Sky Lord, who ruled the heavens and all its bodies. He was sunlight and Starfire, and clear blue sky. He stirred in the darkness and cast light on the vastness of being and found it wanting. He did not know how long he had existed like that, spinning patterns in the stars, a guide through the void, but eventually, he found Her. Lianke, the Lady of the Mountains. Mother of the World. While he was ethereal and everywhere at once, she was fire and earth, small in his eyes, but overwhelming in her hunger for more as she etched out her world beneath his sky. It was but a drop in the vastness, and yet it became huge in his eyes, and he pressed close. Curling around her world. Ruling over it. At least in his own mind.

That was their first fight, as his sunlight lay claim to her land.

     Stars trembled at night, some scattered from the sky from the force of their battle. Turning to flame and ash, as they left vast craters into the newly formed earth. Their blows threw up mountains and carved deep furrows through the land. That fight ended in a stalemate, both caught in the wonder of what they had created, and for a time, there was peace. It didn’t last, for war was in her blood, and he was her only adversary. Their skirmishes left fractures across the world, while the skies trembled. Wracked by storms as the Sky Lord sought sanctuary in the clouds, for although they were well-matched in power, in fury, Lianke was unmatched. During one such fight, Lianke wounded him deeply, carving from him the light that would become the moon and laying claim to the skies while he rested at night.

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