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A little later than planned as I’d hoped to launch this last week, but had to delay due to being ill but today I have a blog update. Firstly as some of you may have noticed, I’ve recently changed the graphics for the blog – from the headers, to the logo and badges – and as time permits I will be going back through and updating past posts with the new graphics. I have also updated and expanded the badges that I will be using – although the rating system remains the same (and the badges for that have already been updated under the Review Policy page) and examples of that new design are below.


Blog Features

These are weekly features (apart from The Tavern) that will run alongside events, and normal reviews.

Monday – Book Blogger Spotlight

A few weeks ago we had Blogger Appreciation Week and I wanted to keep the spirit of that going, so each week this spotlight will feature someone from the Book Community – Blogger, Podcaster, Youtuber, Bookstagrammer etc – to celebrate what they are doing and highlight those who spend their time shouting about books.


Tuesday – Artist Spotlight

From writing to D&D we all draw inspiration from art, or commission it to capture the characters and worlds that we’re trying to bring to life, and I want to take the time to shine a spotlight on different artists each week.


Wednesday Comic Wednesday

This is a reskinning of an old feature – and will include reviews and recommendations for comics, graphic novels and webcomics, and I will hopefully be expanding this feature in the future.


Thursday – Map Madness

I blame FantasyBookNerd and Trudie Skies for encouraging this (although it would probably have happened sooner or later anyway). As you probably know if you’ve followed my reviews for any length of time I love maps. I love them in all forms, and that is what Map Madness will celebrate – this feature will include reviews, spotlights and hopefully in the future some interviews as well.


Friday – Animanga Friday

This is the return of another old feature and one that I’ve missed greatly. I will be reviewing manga and anime series in this feature, as well as offering recommendations for both each week. (It’s on a Friday to honour the many Fridays I spent (and will hopefully spend again) at Anime Society.


Saturday – Dice Goblin Presents

This was inspired by my recent involvement with The D&D Connection series across at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub, and the fact that I love D&D. This feature will include discussion posts, news, reviews and hopefully more.


Sunday – Indie Sunday

While I now read and review a greater percentage of indie/self-published books overall, I wanted to bring back this feature. So every Sunday I will be featuring a different indie book/author. [This feature is open to requests – so if you would like to be featured then please get in touch with me via email:


Some of these features are still in development, but they will all be up and running from tomorrow Monday 6th September.


The Tavern is going to be a monthly (at least) Author Chat, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for ages and having the chance to talk with Jonathan Nevair has given me the push to take the plunge. I already have my first guest lined up and I’m super excited it

As with the Indie Sunday features, if you would be interested in joining me for an Author Chat please either drop me a message on twitter or via email:


6 thoughts on “Blog Update

    1. Rowena Andrews

      Thank you! I got a little carried away playing with canva, but I like the new design a lot more than the old one.


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