Artist Spotlight: Seb McKinnon


Today’s artist spotlight is actually a new discovery but not only is Seb McKinnon’s art amazing, he and his brother Liam McKinnon have just launched a kickstarter to fund a physical copy of a children’s book ‘The Moon’s Daughter’ which looks stunning and I wanted to support that project!

You can find Seb McKinnon on Twitter or his Website – I found his twitter through a tweet about the kickstarter and immediately fell in love with his art style and I love the variety from the darker fantasy stuff featured above, to the beautiful, whimsical art from The Moon’s Daughter.

You can support the Kickstarter HERE

The project has already been funded but it deserves all the support (and you need to check out the video on the kickstarter page), and even if you can’t support it yourself every retweet/tweet about the project would help. I will certainly be grabbing a copy of this book – it’s beautiful and I have a huge soft spot for foxes.

She had many names. Some were ancient, as old as the trees and the sleeping stones. To all those who knew her, she was the Moon’s Daughter…


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