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Just a quick update today as September ended up being…a month. I lost a good week after having a bad reaction to my second jab, and then my Step-Mother passed away (unexpectedly for me at least) and that opened several cans of worms and just to top off the month I learned that my grandmother was also not doing well. So, all in all, a less than stellar month. I also have been hit by the somewhat painful realisation that I don’t want to remain in my current job – it’s a feeling I’ve had for a while, even though I do enjoy it, but was hammered home during a meeting we had this week, so I am now beginning to look at jobs which is an added upheaval.

As a result some reviews were delayed, and weekly features fell by the wayside as I couldn’t focus on much of anything the last couple of weeks. So my first order of business will be catching up on those reviews. However, hopefully from Monday the blog will be returning to normal updates, and the features will be back!


We are now in October, which means it is spooky season and my favourite time of the year. It is also my birthday month, my best friend will be coming up at the end of the month as will some other friends, D&D is going well (currently playing twice a week, which will be going up to three times a week once my book is out in the world). And today I discovered that some of my fanworks – which I rarely talk about here on the blog or twitter – won two awards based on reader votes, which has made my day – week – month already and has had me smiling all day. So, things are definitely on the upwards trajectory after last month.

There’s a lot going on this month. Below you’ll find some of the reviews that will be up on the blog soon (there will be some others, I’m just waiting for some confirmation that I can share a few of the ones I have), as well as blog tours that I will be involved with. I am also working on a new feature (that I will share more details about when it is ready), finishing off some posts and prep for Norsevember which is just around the corner,

There is also a secret, and super exciting event happening on the blog on the 18th October…



It has however, been an excellent month for acquiring books – and all but the Pages & Co series (which I grabbed in my local indie bookshop) were books that I found in charity shops. This a mixture of books for book research (witchcraft and magic herbs), Norsevember, personal interest or that just caught my attention. I’m particularly excited for ‘The Secret Language of Birds’ and I can already see that one spawning some story ideas.


So, here’s to a better (and hopefully spooky) month!


2 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Tru

    Hi Rowena, I had no idea things were so bad for you. I always say that the real world comes first and that other things can wait, so don’t stress too much about trying to catch up! We’d all understand if you needed time πŸ™‚

    Job hunting is the worst, but it’s great that you know what is best for yourself and are ready to move on. Sometimes it can be difficult just making that first step, so good luck!

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