The Ultimate Tour Experience: End of Year Update


As the end of the year approaches, so does the final check-in for the Storytellers on Tour Ultimate Tour Experience (Information and Rules can be found HERE) which is a fun book bingo challenge based on the books that we read for the various tours and blitzes they run.

Ticket #1

Throughout the year we had the option to swap two tickets between cards, but only Once, and I chose to do this for the first update earlier in the year. I switched Man’s Best Friend with Snark it Up, which allowed me to complete Ticket #1 for that update.

Ticket #2:

Ticket #3:


This has been an epic year of events with Storytellers on Tour, and even doing it in hard mode and using each book for only one square, I haven’t featured all the books I had the pleasure of reading for tours and blitzes.



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