10 Most Anticipated Books for 2022


Kicking off the ‘lists’ with a look ahead at the books that are coming out next year that I can’t wait to get my mitts on. This list will undoubtedly expand throughout the year as I hear about more books, read more books and am tempted by the wonderful people in the book community, but at the moment these are the books I most looking forward to in 2022.

It’s already shaping up to be another phenomenal year of reading!

The Isle of a Thousand Worlds (Weirdwater Confluence #2) – Dan Fitzgerald (Jan 15th)

Book Summary:

An aging alchemist seeks the key to the Universal Tincture said to unlock the Thousand Worlds of the mind, but she never expected to solve the riddle of her hermetic heart.

A meditation acolyte travels the mystical social media known as the Caravan and finds that the Thousand Worlds lie just below the surface, if she can only learn to see the space between the stars.

This steamy romantic fantasy exploring the union of the physical and the metaphysical will be available January 15 2022 from Shadow Spark Publishing as book 2 of the Weirdwater Confluence duology.


A Sorrow Called Joy – Sarah Chorn


More info to come


(Yes I am sneaking these two in, because I will always be excited for Sarah Chorn’s books, and I cannot choose between the ones I’m most excited about).


Travels in the Dark (The Dreadbound Ode #3) – Jordan Loyal Short

Travels in the Dark (The Dreadbound Ode Book 3) by [Jordan Loyal Short]

Book Summary:

Lyssa is going to the Dead Place and everyone she killed will be waiting.

As the Hidden One’s twisted plan to resurrect the Deep Gods unfolds, the only way to stop him is a secret buried in the land of death.

But Lyssa has not given up. If the Deep Gods can return, so can she.

Can Lyssa find a way back? Can she delve into hell’s darkest corners and emerge with the lore to stop the Deep Gods’ rise? Or will she become a lost soul, like so many of those she loved in life?

Ancient horrors will wake. Skalds will sing. And a blind seer will see the shadows gather.

Lyssa Pedersten has tasted poison, and hell had best beware.


The Hunger of the Gods (The Bloodsworn Saga #2) – John Gwynne

The Hunger of the Gods by [John Gwynne]

Book Summary:

The Hunger of the Gods continues John Gwynne’s acclaimed Norse-inspired epic fantasy series, packed with myth, magic and bloody vengeance.

Lik-Rifa, the dragon god of legend, has been freed from her eternal prison. Now she plots a new age of blood and conquest.

As Orka continues the hunt for her missing son, the Bloodsworn sweep south in a desperate race to save one of their own – and Varg takes the first steps on the path of vengeance.

Elvar has sworn to fulfil her blood oath and rescue a prisoner from the clutches of Lik-Rifa and her dragonborn followers, but first she must persuade the Battle-Grim to follow her.

Yet even the might of the Bloodsworn and Battle-Grim cannot stand alone against a dragon god.

Their hope lies within the mad writings of a chained god. A book of forbidden magic with the power to raise the wolf god Ulfrir from the dead . . . and bring about a battle that will shake the foundations of the earth.


Sins of the Mother (The War Eternal #4) – Rob J. Hayes

In her darklight the world will burn.


Bonds of Chaos (Threadlight #3) – Zack Argyle

Bonds of Chaos (Threadlight Book 3) by [Zack Argyle]
Book Summary:

Sacrifices will be made.

When all was lost, the Heralds returned, and the world embraced them as gods and saviors. But there are some who know the truth: the Heralds are not what they seem.

Now, in a desperate attempt to stop them, Chrys and the others travel to Cynosure with hopes of enlisting the only Amber threadweaver with the power to help.

Chrys, Laurel, Alverax, and those they love.

Together, they will stop the gods…or they will die trying.


The Jaguar Path (Songs of the Drowned #2) – Anna Stephens

book cover of The Jaguar Path

More info to come


Legacy of Brick & Bone (Tainted Dominion #2) – Krystle Matar

More info to come


House of Muir (Shadow Twins #2) – Luke Tarizan

More info to come


Of War and Ruin (The Bound and the Broken #3) – Ryan Cahill


More info to come


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