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Something a little lighter to kick off the week, especially as I spent yesterday wishing I could evacuate my own body and this was a wonderful distraction. I’d been searching around for a new tag to play with, and discovered this one via Ashlee at Books Are 42 blog. I’m not sure who created the tag, but a shoutout to them because it was a lot of fun.

1. Find A Book for Each of Your Initials:

My current initials are RMA.

R – Redwall – Brian Jacques

M – Mestiza Blood – V. Castro

B – An Altar on the Village Green – Nathan Hall

And just for fun my previous initials were RJB.

R – Red in Tooth and Claw – Ryan Howse

J – Jati’s Wager – Jonathan Nevair

B – Bloodlines – Peter Hartog

2. Count Your Age Along Your Bookshelf – What Book Is It?

I decided to do this for both my main bookcases. On the first one it was The Sword of Kaigen by M. L. Wang. I love this book and it will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first book I reviewed here on the blog, back when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing (not that I necessarily do now). On the second book case it was Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher which is a book I need to revisit and review, once I’m finished with The Obsidian Path trilogy.

3. Name A Book Set in Your City/Country:

I know there are books set in my town (but not my village as far as I know), but I haven’t read any of them. So instead, for a book set in Scotland I had to go with Hag of the Hills by J.T.T. Ryder which is set in Skye, and is also still very fresh in my mind and I am looking forward to adding a physical copy of this one to my shelf tomorrow.

4. Name A Book That Represents a Destination You’d Love to Travel To

While this was a book that I ended up not loving, it is the perfect book that I’ve read recently to represent a destination I’d love to travel to – Japan. I’m starting to save up for the trip in fact, and it will be a fun test of my language skills when I do finally get to go as I have been learning Japanese for a while now.

5. Name Your Favourite Childhood Book

For various reasons, I don’t have clear memories of favourite books from when I was really young. But, I do remember reading these three around the same time and loving all of them – I’m fairly sure they came in a collection at the time, and was one of the last bundles I got before my mother imposed a ban on buying me books. I’ve recently tracked down a copy of Hunted, and I might get the others and include them in my Nostalgia reads series to break up the three main series I am reading as part of that.

6. Name A Book That’s Your Favourite Colour

My Favourite colours are purple and green, which means I get to feature two absolutely fantastic books. The first is Seraphina’s Lament by Sarah Chorn, which is beautiful, heart-breaking and deliciously dark. The Second is The Living Waters by Dan Fitzgerald, and is one of the most meditative books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

7. Which Book Do You Have the Fondest Memories Of?

I had to go with Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey for this one, as it was the book that drew me properly into fantasy for the first time. I had found my father’s somewhat battered copy abandoned on the bookcase between gardening books (I seem to remember I had to clamber up the shelves to get it), and even though I was much to young really to have been reading Dragonriders of Pern, I fell completely and utterly in love of this world of Dragons and Fire Lizards and Harpers and this book really was the beginning of everything that has lead to this blog existing. I’m looking forward to rereading the entire series as part of the Nostalgia Reads series, even if it doesn’t hold up as well as the rose-tinted version in my memory.

8. Which Book Did You Have the Most Difficulty Reading?

The Hobbit. I’ve read so much of Tolkien’s work, and I’m even planning to reread The Silmarillion later this year, and yet none of them have ever given me as much trouble as The Hobbit. Part of it stems from the fact that the first time I encountered this book it was being read to me in my primary school, and I’ve never done well with having stuff read to me and it absolutely put me off returning to The Hobbit for a few years, I also for some reason never liked books if they were associated with school – at least until I got to A-Level Literature. Even now, with decades between that first encounter, I still struggle to return to The Hobbit.

9. Which Book in Your TBR Pile Will Give You the Biggest Accomplishment When You Finish It?

I’m cheating slightly and going for an entire series which is both on my TBR pile and that I also own physically, and therefore have no excuse not to get to this year. I have started The Court of Broken Knives before, but I was not in the right place to be able to fully invest myself because even from that short attempt I know the writing while right up my street, will need a lot of my attention and I wanted to be able to devote the attention this series deserves and I can’t wait to get to them.

So there we are, the Life in Books Book tag. I am not going to tag anyone specific, but if you want to give it a go then please do because it would be great to see your answers!

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