Tavern Chat: J.E. Hannaford


Today I am delighted to be bringing the Tavern Chat back to the blog, albeit in a slightly abbreviated form due to scheduling conflicts on my end. And today, I am welcoming J.E. Hannaford the author of the Black Hind’s Wake Duology (The Skin & The Pact), and of the upcoming Gates of Hope which is the first book in theAulirean Gates trilogy.

As some of you may have seen, Gates of Hope has been hit by Amazon issues and lost it’s preorders, so please do keep checking either twitter or the author page on amazon for updates on the release and give this book all the love and support on it’s release. (I mean how can you resist, it has the best boy on the cover!)


Book Summary:

The Watcher shattered the Gates.

Now hope must arise from the shards.

Darin and Suriin enter the Black Palace of the So’Dal, at a time when monstrous Edgelands creatures return to the skies over Caldera.
After exhibiting magical traits thought lost, Darin is drawn into a secret society charged with keeping the Watcher’s secrets. Now he must balance learning to control his magic, caring for Star, his new companion, and finding a way to sustain the Howlers’ power for long enough to protect Caldera from the predatory creatures of the Edgelands.

Before she arrived at the Black Palace Suriin broke the ancient rules of the So’Dal to save the life of the person she loves the most. As her search for a cure delves deeper under the mountain, is there any price she won’t pay?

On the outer moon of Tebein, Elissa’s newly awakened magic will endanger her home and family. Now she must race to find help for those she leaves behind as she escapes those who want her, and all those like her, dead.

One wrong decision by any of them could return legends to life and end five hundred cycles of peace. Will they find the solutions they need in time?

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Blog Tour (Author Q&A) – Cooking with Cannibals – Rich Leder


Today is my stop on the blog tour for ‘Cooking for Cannibals’ by Rich Leder organised by Damppebbles Blog Tours. It is also a first for the blog in that I am hosting an Author Q&A and many thanks to Rich Leder for taking the time to answer my questions.

I hope that you will check out both the author and the book, as well as the rest of the blogs involved in the tour.

Book Summary:

Fountain of youth? More like murderous medication!

Carrie Kromer pushes the boundaries of science, not her social life. The brilliant behavioral gerontologist’s idea of a good time is hanging out with her beloved lab rats and taking care of her elderly mother and the other eccentric old folks at the nursing home. So no one is more surprised than Carrie when she steals the lab’s top-secret, experimental medicine for aging in reverse.

Two-time ex-con Johnny Fairfax dreams of culinary greatness. But when his corrupt parole officer tries to drag him from the nursing home kitchen, the suddenly young-again residents spring to his defence and murder the guy—and then request Johnny cook them an evidence devouring

dinner to satisfy their insatiable side-effect appetite.

As their unexpected mutual attraction gets hot, Carrie and Johnny find themselves caught up with the authorities who arrive to investigate the killing. But even more dangerous than the man-eating not-so-senior citizens could be the arrival of death-dealing pharmaceutical hitmen.

Can Carrie and Johnny find true love in all this bloody madness?

Cooking for Cannibals is a dark comic thriller with a heaping helping of romance. If you like

fast-paced plots, unconventional characters, and humor that crosses the line, then you’ll have a feast with Rich Leder’s wild ride.

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