Norsevember TBR





So I am stoked to be participating in the #Norsevember event arranged by Alex at Spells and Spaceships and there is still time to sign up if you want an excuse to dive into some Norse inspired books this November. This is my TBR although I may squeeze in some other books here and there, and I am actually just finishing up ‘Northern Wrath’ by Thilde Kold Holdt, which I would highly recommend, with a full review to follow once I’m done. For anyone searching for more recommendations for Norse inspired fiction, check out this POST by David S at Fanfiaddict.

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May Wrap-Up and What’s next


Today, marks the end of Wyrd & Wonder which has been wonderful month of all things fantasy! I have loved the chance to find more blogs, talk fantasy and find more books to add to the towering TBR.  In terms of my May TBR for this challenge I finished 3/5 books, I am currently reading ‘The Bone Ships’ by RJ Barker and I decided to leave ‘Blade’s Edge’ by Virginia McClain until June as part of another challenge.

May, in general has been a very bookish month (hello Lockdown), and I have posted more here than in the previous months (something I want to keep up even when I do eventually get to go back to work). I have checked off a load more squares of #armedwithabingo and I am currently sat on 73/200 for my Goodreads challenge (9 behind apparently, although I know I have a couple more to add).

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#Armedwithabingo Update

Between one thing and another I had forgotten to update my #armedwithabingo card, and looking at this evening I was delighted to realise that I only have five squares left to cross off.

I had already crossed off the following:

Book I meant to read last year: ‘The Wolf’s Call’  by Anthony Ryan

Book of my choice: ‘The Last Unicorn’ by Peter S Beagle

YA Novel: ‘Page’ and ‘First Test’ by Tamora Pierce

A book from the last decade: ‘Winterglass’ by Benajanun Sriduangkaew

A Fantasy/Science Fiction – Dragon Song  by Anne McCaffrey

A book published in 2020 – The Wolf of Oren Yaro – VS Villso

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