Book Spotlights

Akhtar, Zamil – Conqueror’s Blood (Gunmetal Gods #2)

Andrews, Carissa – Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches #1)

Bairden, Sharon – Sins of the Father

Barr, Emily – Things To Do Before the End of the World

Bassoff, Jon – Captain Clive’s Dreamworld

Beeden, Tim – Envy (Seven Deadly and Four Novels)

Briar, Rosalyn – A Sea of Pearls & Leaves

Briar, Rosalyn – The Crown of Bones

Bryn, D.N. – Our Bloody Pearl

Chow, Hayley Reese – Odriel’s Heirs

Clarke, Sam – The Twelfth Ring (Noah Larsson #1)

Cooper, S.H. – The Knight’s Daughter

Cowley, Kell – Shrinking, Sinking Land

Crunden, Rebecca – A Game of Wings and Marks

Deen, Anela – Beneath Cruel Fathoms (The Bitter Sea Trilogy #1)

Drake, Mark N. – The Gathering of Shadows

Dunne, Michelle – While Nobody is Watching

Fellows, Kevin J. – At the End of the World

Flockhart, Bill – Operation Large Scotch

Gibson, Sean – The Part About the Dragon was (Mostly) True

Glynn, Connie – Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles #1)

Goble, Jeramy – Eulogy of the Dawn

Gowland, S.C. – The Dark Crown

Guibert, Alejandra – The Vatican Games

Haley, Kate – Steel & Stone (The War of the North Saga #1)

Hall, C.J. – Evolving Elizah: Initiatum

Harju, Pamela – A World Other Than Her Own

Hartog, Peter – Bloodlines (The Guardian of Empire City #1 – Audiobook release)

Jaffrey, Josie – May Day

Jang, Jadie – Monkey Around

Jay, Karla M. – It Happened in Silence

Jensen, Cami Murdock – First Earth

Jolley, M.N. – The KC Warlock Weekly: Accused

Jones, Ryan – More Than Us

Kohanek, Jeffrey L. – Eye of Obscurance (Fate of Wizardoms #1)

Kohanek, Jeffrey L. – God King Rising (Fall of Wizardoms #1)

Krauch, L – The 13th Zodiac: Book One

Larkin, Damien – Blood Red Sand

Leon, M.A. – Elemental Links (Steel and Magic #1)

Lindsay, Brandon M. – Shoreseeker (The Farshores Saga #1)

Lloyd-Jones, Emily – The Drowned Woods

Marsden, Amy – Survivors

McCluskey, D.E. – Butterflies

McKinley, S.D. – How LJ and Rom Saved Heavy Metal

McNally, Randall – Shadowless

Morgan, R. – Shadow of the City

Nelsen, Derek – Viking Lost

Norris, Mariah – Hands Like Secrets

Notlad, John – Astral Cuts

Ody, Jim – The Crazy Season

Peachey, Roy – Between Darkness and Light

Pescatore, Allegra – Where Shadow’s Lie

Rayner, M.L. – Echoes of Home

Rettger, A.J. – Oathbreaker

Rogers, Alexandria – The Witch, The Sword and The Cursed Knights

Seymour, Ingrid – Ignite the Shadows

Shaw, Rachel Emma – Last Memoria (Memoria Duology #1)

Smith, D.A. – The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy #1)

Thorpe, Marian L. – Empire’s Legacy (The Complete Trilogy #1-3)

Tudor, Estelle Grace – Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key

Young, Jennifer – The Running Lie

Winkler, Michelle L. – Dust on the Altar