Cover Reveals

Andrews, Rowena – The Ravyn’s Words (The Citadel #0.5)

Bailey, Jesse Nolan – Amethyst

Bailey, Jesse Nolan – Spawn of Spiracy (A Disaster of Dokojin #2)

Borstinski, Leopold – Midtown Huckster

Brown, Jules – Not Cool – Europe. By Train. In a Heatwave

Ebenezer, Ichabod – Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares

Fitzgerald, Dan – The Archive (The Maer Cycle #2)

Fitzgerald, Dan – The Living Waters (The Weirdwater Confluence #1)

McCarthy, Yolanda – A Girl From Forever (The Forever Institute #1)

Nevair, Jonathan – Jati’s Wager (Wind Tide #2)

Nevair, Jonathan – No Song, But Silence (Wind Tide #3)

Pettigrew, Anne – Not the Deaths Imagined

Riley, Thomas Howard – We Break Immortals ((The Advent Lumina Cycle #1)

Rose, Allison – The Rule of Chaos (Tales of an Outcast Faerie #3)

Rudy, Steven – The Binding Tempest (The Luminance Saga #1)

Short, Jordan Loyal – Travels in the Dark (The Dreadbound Ode #3)

Skies, Trudie – The Thirteenth Hour (The Cruel Gods #1)

Slauf, T.R. – Redemption (Legends of Lightning #2)

Vrana, A.J. – The Echoed Realm (The Chaos Cycle #2)

Weisbeck, Daniel – Moon Rising (The Upsilion Series #1)

Wiggins, K.A. – Burn the Skies

Willison, D.H. – Find Your Harpy Place

Wolf, Lyra – Truth and Other Lies (The Nine Worlds Rising #1)

Wolf, Lyra – The Order of Chaos & That Good Mischief (Books 2 & 3 in The Nine Worlds Rising)

Wolf, Lyra – Thunder, Blood & Goats (Tales of the Nine Worlds)