Reviews: A-H (Author Surname)

Abdalla, Thiago – A Touch of Light (The Ashes of Avarin #1)

Akhtar, Zamil – Gunmetal Gods

Alston, B.B. – Amari and the Nightbrothers (Amari and the Night Brothers #1)

Anderson, Cory – What Beauty There Is

Anderson, Justin Lee – The Lost War (Eidyn #1)

Argyle, Zack – The Voice of War (Threadlight #1)

Argyle, Zack – Stones of Light (Threadlight #2)

Austin-King, Graham – The Lore of Prometheus

Bailey, Jesse Nolan – The Jealousy of Jalice (A Disaster of Dokojin #1)

Bailey, Jesse Nolan – Amethyst

Bandele, Antoine – Will of the Mischief Maker (An Orisha Tale)

Barker, RJ – The Bone Ships (The Tide Child #1)

Barker, RJ – Call of the Bone Ships (The Tide Child #2)

Bashyal, Pradeep., and Adhikari, Ankit Babu – Sherpa: Stories of Life and Death from the Forgotten Guardians of Everest

Beckerlegge, Tom – The Carnival of Ash

Bell, Sean.R, – The Secret of the Sword (The Grandfather Chronicles #1)

Bickerstaff, Gordon – Everything to Lose (Gavin Shawlen #2)

Blackthorn, Isabel – A Prison in the Sun

Blackwater, Phillip – Rising Shadows (The Pillar of Creation #1)

Bodard, Aliette de – Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders (Dominion of the Fallen #3.5)

Borstinski, Leopold – Midtown Huckster

Borstinski, Leopold – East Side Hustler

Borstinski, Leopold – Alex Cohen Series Books 1-3

Bouysse, Franck., and Vergnaud, Lara (translator) – Born of No Woman

Bovalino, Tori – Not Good for Maidens

Bradshaw, Alex S. – Windborn

Brearton, T.J. – Rough Country

Brennan, Marie – The Night Parade of 100 Demons (A Legend of the Five Rings Novel)

Briar, Rosalyn – The Crown of Bones

Brownlow, Dominic – The Naseby Horses

Brumby, Mark – Always Adam

Bruno, T.A. – In the Orbit of Sirens (The Song of Kamaria #1)

Bruno, T.A. – On the Wind of Quasars (The Song of Kamaria #2)

Bruno, T.A. – At The Threshold of the Universe (The Song of Kamaria #3)

Bryn, D.N. – Our Bloody Pearl (These Treacherous Tides #0)

Bryn, D.N. – Once Stolen (The Treacherous Tides #1)

Bryant, Dean – The Stairwell

Caddy, Meg – Devil’s Ballast

Cahill, Rayn – The Fall (The Bound and the Broken #0.5)

Cahill, Ryan -Of Blood and Fire (The Bound and the Broken #1)

Cahill, Ryan – Of Darkness and Light (The Broken and the Bound #2)

Calvin, A.J., – The Moon’s Eye (The Relics of War #1)

Casto, V. – Mestiza Blood

Chakraborty, S.A. – Empire of Gold (The Daevabad Trilogy #3)

Chambers, Kristen M., and Strangewaves, Viktor H. – Ten Years of Darkness (Vaal’bara Historical Society #0)

Chatsworth, Elizabeth – The Brass Queen

Chittock, Cameron., and Castillo, Amanda – Mapmakers and the Lost Magic

Chorn, Sarah – A Sorrow Named Joy

Chorn, Sarah – Seraphina’s Lament (The Bloodlands #1)

Chorn, Sarah – Of Honey and Wildfires (A Song of Sefate #1)

Chorn, Sarah – Oh, That Shotgun Sky (Songs of Sefate #1.5)

Chorn, Sarah – Glass Rhapsody (Songs of Sefate #2)

Christo, Alexandra – To Kill a Kingdom

Conley, Lee C. – A Ritual of Bone (The Dead Sagas #1)

Conley, Lee C. – A Ritual of Flesh (The Dead Sagas #2)

Cross, A.C. – Where Blood Runs Gold

Cruz, I.L. – A Noble’s Path (The Enchanted Isles #2)

Cullen, Richard – Shield Breaker (The Wolf of Kings #2)

Cushen, Mark – Little White Hands

d’Evecque, Thiago – Limbo

Davenport, N.E. – The Blood Trials (The Blood Gift Duology #1)

Day, Julia C. (ed) – Weird Dream Society

Deen, Anela – In the Jaded Grove (Kindred Realms #1)

Dobbs, Ryburn – The Comfort of Distance

Duke, Beth – Tapestry

Erikson, Steven – Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen #1)

Ewington, A., Pratchett, Rhianna., and Watt, Calum Alexander (Illustrator) – Campaigns & Companions: The Complete Role-Playing Guide for Pets

Field, Andrew – All Down the Line

Field, Stuart – Broken Steel (John Steel #3)

Fitzgerald, Dan – The Living Waters (Weirdwater Confluence #1)

Fitzgerald, Dan – The Isle of a Thousand Worlds (Weirdwater Confluence #2)

Fitzgerald, Dan – Hollow Road (The Maer Cycle #1)

Fitzgerald, Dan – The Archive (The Maer Cycle #2)

Fitzgerald, Dan – The Place Below (The Maer Cycle #3)

Fletcher, Michael R. – Black Stone Heart (The Obsidian Path #1)

Fletcher, Michael R., and Snyder, Clayton – Norylska Groans

Fowler, Aisling – Fireborn

Garrow, Colin – Six Feet Under (Terry Bell Mysteries #4)

Gately, Samuel – The Headlock of Destiny (Titan Wars #1)

Glynn, Connie – Princess Ever After (The Rosewood Chronicles #5)

Goldberg, Lee Matthew – The Ancestor

Gong, Chloe – The Violent Delights (These Violent Delights #1)

Grant, Kester – The Court of Miracles (The Court of Miracles #1)

Hair, David – Map’s Edge (The Tethered Citadel #1)

Ha Lee, Yoon., Chambers, Becky., Huang, SL., and Solomon, Rivers – The Vela

Hall, Nathan – An Altar on the Village Green (Chained God #1)

Handshaw, Darran M. – The Engineer

Hannaford, J.E. – The Skin (Black Hind’s Wake)

Hansen, Essa – Nophek Gloss (The Graven #1)

Hart, Dorian – The Ventifact Colossus (The Heroes of Spira #1)

Hartog, Peter – Bloodlines (The Guardian of Empire City #1)

Hartog, Peter – Pieces of Eight (The Guardian of Empire City #2)

Hayes, Rob. J. – Along the Razor’s Edge (The War Eternal #1)

Hayes, Rob. J. – The Lessons Never Learned (The War Eternal #2)

Hayes, Rob. J. From Cold Ashes Risen (The War Eternal #3)

Hayes, Rob. J. – Sins of the Mother (The War Eternal #4)

Hayes, Rob. J. – Spirits of Vengeance (A Mortal Techniques Novel)

Hayes, Rob. J. – Titan Hoppers

Holdt, Thilde Kold – Northern Wrath (The Hanged God Trilogy #1)

Howse, Ryan – Red in Tooth and Claw