Reviews: Q-Z (Author Surname)

Ray, William – Shadow Debt

Raymond, Gary – How Love Actually Ruined Christmas (or Colourful Narcotics)

Reuel, Dixon – Rise of One

Riley, Thomas Howard – We Break Immortals (The Advent Lumina Cycle #1)

Rosell, J.D.L. – The Throne of Ice & Ash (The Runewar Saga #1)

Ross, D.W. – Cold From The North (Onyxborn Chronicle #1)

Russell, Christopher – Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth

Russell, Christopher – Gravitas (A Tale of the Constella)

Ryan, OMJ – Deadly Waters

Ryan, Anthony – The Wolf’s Call (Raven’s Blade #1)

Ryder, J.T.T. – Hag of the Hills (The Bronze Sword Cycles Duology)

Samphire, Patrick – Shadow of a Dead God (Mennik Thorn #1)

Samphire, Patrick – Nectar for the God (Mennik Thorn #2)

Samphire, Patrick – Strange Cargo (Mennik Thorn #3)

Samphire, Patrick – At the Gates and Other Stories

Samuels, David. M. – I, Exile

Schulz, L.R., – A King’s Radiance (Bonds of Kin #1)

Sharp, Anthea – White as Frost (Darkwood #1)

Shedwick, Ruth – Trembleath

Short, Jordan Loyal – The Skald’s Black Verse (Dreadbound Ode #1)

Short, Jordan Loyal – The Weeping Sigil (Dreadbound Ode #2)

Short, Jordan Loyal – Travels in the Dark (Dreadbound Ode #3)

Silverman, Laura (ed) – Game On

Skies, Trudie – Sand Dancer (Sand Dancer #1)

Skies, Trudie – The Thirteenth Hour (The Cruel Gods #1)

Skovron, Jon – The Ranger of Marzanna (The Goddess War #1)

Skovron, Jon – The Queen of Izmoroz (The Goddess War #2)

Snyder, Clayton W. – Cold West

Snyder, Clayton W. – Blackthorne

Speight, Jeffrey – Paladin Unbound

Spencer, M.L. – Dragon Mage

Spruell, Blue – Tarō

Stephens, Anna – Godblind (Godblind #1)

Stephens, Anna – Darksoul (Godblind #2)

Stephens, Anna – Bloodchild (Godblind #3)

Stephens, Anna – The Stone Knife (The Songs of the Drowned #1)

Stephens, Anna – The Serpent & The Dead: A Marvel Legends of Asgard Novel

Stewart, Andrea – The Bone Shard Daughter (The Drowning Empire #1)

Stuart, P.L. – A Drowned Kingdom (The Drowned Kingdom Saga #1)

Sullivan, Tim – The Dentist

Tarzian, Luke – A Cup of Tea at the Mouth of Hell (Or, an Account of Catastrophe by Stoudemire McCloud, Demon)
Tarzian, Luke – The World Maker Parable (Adjacent Monsters #1)

Tarzian, Luke – The World Breaker Requiem (Adjacent Monsters #2)

Tarzian, Luke – The World Reaper Odyssey (Adjacent Monsters)

Tarzian, Luke – Vultures (Shadow Twins #1)

Tarzian, Luke – The Laughing Heart (Shadow Twins)

Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Shards of Earth

Therme, Erik – If She Dies

Thompson, Cassandra L. – The Ancient Ones (The Ancient Ones #1)

Thompson, Jennifer Lee – Cannibal City (Detective in a Coma #2)

Tibbets, Anne – Screams from the Void

Timmony, Mark – The Blood of the Spear (The Eye of Eternity #1)

Timmony, Mark – Starbinder (The Eye of Eternity #0.5)

Villoso, K.S. – The Wolf of Oren-Yaro (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen #1)

Villoso, K.S. – The Ikessar Falcon (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen #2)

Villoso, K.S. – The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen #3)

Vrana, A.J. – The Hollow Gods (The Chaos Cycle Duology #1)

Vrana, A.J. – The Echoed Realm (The Chaos Cycle Duology #2)

Wang, M.L. – The Sword of Kaigen

Ward, A.R. (ed) – Blood & Bone: An Anthology of Body Horror by Women and Non-Binary Writers

Watson, Dom – The Boy Who Walked Too Far

Webb, Keeley – Whispers in the Wine Cellar

Weir, Ivy Noelle – Anne of West Philly

Weir, Ivy Noelle & Padilla, Amber – The Secret Garden on 81st Street

Wexler, Django – Ashes of the Sun (Burningblade & Silvereye #1)

Whitesides, Tyler – The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn (Kingdom of Grit #1)

Whittle, Richard – Ground Rules

Williams, Phil – Kept From Cages

Wilson, Duncan – Once Upon a Lane

Winn, C – City of Shattered Light

Winter, Evan – The Fires of Vengeance (The Burning #2)

Woods, Darryl. A. – The Summoned Ones (Flight to Bericea #1)

Wyer, Carol – An Eye for An Eye (Detective Kate Young #1)

Wyer, Carol – A Cut for a Cut (Detective Kate Young #2)

Once Upon a Winter: A Folk and Fairy Tail Anthology