Review Policy

Review requests are CLOSED (This does not apply if you are waiting for an email response from me, or if I have reviewed a book from you previously). I will be reopening requests at the start of December, to give myself time to catch up and hopefully settle into a new job.


About My Reviews

**All reviews spoiler-free unless marked otherwise**

All reviews of books not purchased by me will have a disclaimer that reads, ‘I was given a copy this book in exchange for an honest review.’ All reviews will be entirely honest, including if I do not like the book – with reasons given.

Reviews will also be posted on Goodreads, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Rating System:

At the end of 2020, I decided to do away with the 5 star rating system on the blog (I will still use it on retail sites and goodreads), and so the new system is as follows:


Favourite – fairly self-explanatory this badge is for those books that I loved, will probably reread multiple times, will horde possessively and will talk about with (or without) the slightest encouragement.

Going on the Shelf

Going on the Shelf – For books that I loved, but aren’t quite on the obsession level of Favourites. These are books that I will absolutely hold on to and definitely read again.

Read Again

Read Again – These are books that I enjoyed and would be happy to read again, but might not go so far as to keep a copy on the shelf (the library is our friend after all, especially given the size of my room…)

For the Next reader

For the Next Reader – these are books that for whatever reason didn’t work well for me. This might be your favourite book, it might be an undiscovered gem for the next person to read it, or for someone who has gone looking after a review.


I am open to all genres (including non-fiction) except for erotica, or books that are purely romance (books where romance is part of the story, but not the primary focus/purpose are fine – if in doubt please send a query including a summary).

Formats I Accept and Information required:

I will accept either physical or digital copies, as well as audiobooks. Physical is preferred just because it is easier for me to read with my dyslexia.

When making a request – please provide full information about the book (publication details, summary etc) and let me know if there is a specific deadline that the review is needed by. PLEASE DO NOT USE COLOURS OR STRANGE FONTS in the email, as this has been a trend lately and it makes it impossible for me to read the email.

If you would like to get in contact either with a question or regarding a review, please contact me either through my contact page or email me at