SPFBO 8 Readalong

A J Walker – Emperor’s Fate

A.C. Cross – Where Blood Runs Gold*

A.J. Calvin – The Moon’s Eye

A.R. Henle – Water for Blood

Aaron Fown – Asterius & Thesius Walk Into the Light

Aaron S. Jones – Memories of Blood and Shadow

Abbie Evans – Mysterious Ways

Adam R. Bishop – A Sea of Cinder

Aiden L Turner – The Banner of the Broken Orc

AK Faulkner – Jack of Thorns

Alec Hutson – The Umbral Storm

Alex C. Pierce – The Blood of Crows

Alex Gilbert – A Journey of Black and Red

Alex Hanson – The Lady of the Mark

Alex J. Eiseman – The Gatherers and the Illness of the Isle

Alex Raizman – The Wastes of Keldora

Alfred Wurr – Phantom Frost

Allegra Pescatore & J.P. Burnison – A Bond of Thread

Amber Gabriel – A Crack In The Rock

Amy Campbell – Breaker

Andrea L. Staum – Rogue’s Kiss

Andrew C. Piazza – A Song For The Void

Andrew D Meredith – Thrice

Anitha Krishnan – Dying Wishes

Anna Tan – Amok

Anne Wheeler – Crownkeeper

Ashley Capes – Crossings

Ashton Gaskill – The Chaos Storm Expedition

Audrey Simmons – Child of the Moon

Azalea Forrest – A Bitter Drink

Barbara Lennox – The Wolf in Winter

Ben J Henry – The Order of Chaos

Ben Merrick – Where the Valley Meets the Sky

Ben Stava – A Hunter Among Wolves

Benjamin J. Ryan – Beckoning of the Gate

Berneta L. Haynes – Aya and the Alphas

Blake Severson – Atlas Rising

Brand J. Alexander – Rise of Tears

Brianna da Silva – City of Reckoning

Brittany M. Willows – Bloody Spade

Bruce McKnight – Forged In Flame

C.G. Harris – The Nine

Cal Black – No Land For Heroes

Cameron Hopkin – A Gathering of Chaos

Carissa Andrews – Secret Legacy

Carol Carman – Gingerbread Children

Casey Hollingshead – The Witch Hunter

Casey White – The Library

Cat Rector – The Goddess of Nothing At All

Catherine Weaver – Gold Dust

CF Welburn – I Shall Return With Winter

Chad Retterath – Weapons of Disharmony

Charlotte E. English – Hell and High Water

Charlotte Kersten – Sweetness and Blessings

Chelsea Harper – Wake of the Phoenix

Chris Fox – Shattered Gods

Chris Fritschi – Spiritbridge

Christopher Clargo – The Stones of Valtara

Christopher D. Brand – A Blade For Hire

Christopher G. Brenning – The Hellborn King

Claudie Arseneault – Baker Thief

Clementine Fraser – Dust Bound

Coby Zucker – Nomads of the Sea

Connor Ludovissy – Honor for the Dead

Craig A. Price Jr. – Way of Thieves

Craig Schaefer – Any Minor World

D. A. Smith – The Blood of Outcasts

D. H. Willison – Hazelhearth Hires Heroes

D. T. Kane – The Acktus Trials

D.G. Redd – You Can’t Prevent Prophecy

Daniel Aegan – Excalibur Nights

Dave Dobson – The Woeling Lass

David Oliver – Draconis

David Samuels – Blood on the Canvas

Dawson George – The Crypt Lord’s Call

Derrick Smythe – To Wield a Plague

Dito Abbott – Debunked

Drew Montgomery – The Last Dragonkeeper

Dwayne Leroy – Homefall

E J Doble – The Fangs of War

E.C. Static – 9 Levels of Hell: Volume 1

Edward Patrick – The Rage of a Boy

Edward Rose – The Soul Trade 

Elayna R. Gallea – The Pirate’s Deal 

Elise Carlson – Manipulator’s War

Elizabeth J Brown – The Laughing Policeman

Elizabeth S. Trafalgar – The Courts of Fate and Fear

EM Howell – Queen of the Wild

Emerson Laine – Augustine

Emma L. Adams – The Lost Sentinel

Emmanuel Akeyo – The Gritikah Castle

Erynn Lehtonen – Spirit of the Dragon

Evie Marceau – Scarlight

Fowler Brown – The True and Accurate Log of the Sand Ship Uncertainty

Frank Dorrian – Horns of the Hunter

Freddie A. Clark – The Harbinger of Freedom

Glen Dahlgren – The Game of War

Grace Carlisle – Forest of Forgotten Vows

Grace J Roberts – Sekhmet

H.C. Harrington – The Inquisitor

Hannah E. Carey – The Hunter

Hannah Steenbock – Dragon Prey

Hayley Reese Chow – Odriel’s Heirs

Heather G Harris – Glimmer of The Other

Heather N. Russell – Chosen

Helen Rygh-Pedersen – Waking Ursa Minor

Hiyodori – The Lowest Healer and the Highest Mage

HJ Ramsay – Ever Alice

HJ Tolson – Liches Get Stitches

Holly Karlsson – Kingdom of Essence

Ian Gregoire – The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow

J E Hannaford – The Skin*

J. B. Cantwell – Wild Lands

J. W. Benjamin – Dungeon Man Sam and the Orphaned Core

J. W. Judge – Vulcan Rising

J.D.L. Rosell – Whispers of Ruin

J.J. Thorn – Heavy (The Weight Of It All)

J.R. Mathews – Portal to Nova Roma

J.T. Williams – Our Dead Gods

Jacob Stewart – From A Great Height

James G. Robertson – Afterworld

Jami Fairleigh – Oil and Dust

Jamie Jackson – Fear and Fury*

Jarryd Smith – Oath Broken

JC Kang – Dragon Charmer’s Apprentice

JCM Berne – Wistful Ascending

Jean Gill – Queen of the Warrior Bees

Jennifer Allis Provost – Heir to the Sun

Jennings Zabrinsky – Troupe of Shadows

Jesse Teller – Onslaught of Madness

Jessica Grace Wright – Tails

Jillian Maria – There’s Magic Between Us

Jim Wilbourne – The Seventh Cadence

Jodi L. Milner – Stonebearer’s Betrayal

Joe Coates – Blood For Wages

Johan Faire – The Merchant Prince

John Palladino – The Trials of Ashmount

Jonatan Håkansson – The Girl of Precinct Five

Jonathan King – Morrigan

Joseph J. Bailey – Master of the Flying Broom

Joseph O. Doran – Empire Under a Dying Sun


Joshua Derrick – Ser Ghostwriter 

Jowsey Jones – Blazing Coffins

Julianne Munich – The Reborn Prince

Juliet Vane – The Scorpion’s Lullaby

Juniper Lake Fitzgerald – METANOIA

K. H. Nelson – The Grim

K.A. Ashcomb – Penny for Your Soul

K.A. Honeywell – Damn Wilds

K.A. Wiggins – Blind the Eyes

K.E.Andrews  – The Assassin of Grins and Secrets

K.L. Kolarich – House of Bastiion

Kai Greenwood – Deep’s End

Kaleigh McCann – The Darkness Calling

Karen Lykkebo – Heir to The Sun

Kat Loveland – Testament of An Archangel

Katie Cherry – Blessed With A Curse

Katy Mullett – The Stone Guardians: The Path of Fate

Keith Healing – The Burnt Watcher

Kel E Fox – Darkhaven

Kelvin Womack – Elusion of Freedom

Kevin Wright – The Definition of Vengeance

Kian N. Ardalan – The Fantastically Underwhelming Epic

Kody Boye – A Deadly Bloom

Krista Wallace – Gatekeeper’s Key

Kristin Gleeson – Awakening the Gods

Kyoko M – The Black Parade

L. James Rice – Eve of Snows

L. Krauch – The 13th Zodiac: Book One

L. R. Schulz – A King’s Radiance

L. Ryan Storms – A Thousand Years to Wait

L.A. Buck – Fire of the Forebears

Lane Trompeter – The Crux of Eternity

Lauren Louise Hazel – The Reign of the Occult

Lee H. Haywood – The Order: Shadow of the Assassin

Leslie Aldridge – Guardians of the Light

Leslie Conzatti – Princess of Undersea

Lewis Knight – The Eye of Everfell

Lily Anne Crow – Dreams of Dust

Liz Delton – The Alchemyst’s Mirror

Lorain O’Neil  – Azalea & Syzygy

Lorne Ryburn – The Menocht Loop

Lucas Pederson – Ashes of the Witch

Luke Tarzian – The World Breaker Requiem*

M. L. Roberts – The Boy Who Drew Horses

M.L. Farb – Heartless Hette

Mae Jordon – Flowers and Bones

Marcela Carbo – Fate’s Long Shadow

Marco Mizzi – A Phantom’s Vengeance

Marcus Abshire – Hard Skip

Marie M. Mullany – The Hidden Blade

Mark Holloway – The Soul’s Aspect

Meg Cowley – Flight of Sorcery and Shadow

Melissa McShane – Burning Bright

Melissa Polk – Beneath the Shadow Dark

Melissa Stone – Stars of Destiny: Light

Melissa Wright – Between Ink and Shadows

Meredith Hart – A Matter of Dragons

Michael DeAngelo – D’Aprile’s Fools

Michael E. Thies – The Clash of Fates

Mitchell Hogan – Raven: Reawakening

MJ Carstarphen – The Wandering Tree 

Morgan K. Bell – Broken Sky

Morgan Stang – The Spider and the Scribe

Nathan Hall – An Altar on the Village Green*

Nathan Tudor  – The Empire’s Lion

Ned Marcus – Orange Storm

Neil Adam Ray – Gold Glamour’s Ghost

Noel Coughlan – Fatal Shadow

Noor Al-Shanti – When the Traveler Stands Still

O. J. Barré – Awen Rising

Olga Werby – Pigeon

Olivia Atwater – Small Miracles

P.D Ball – They call me Princess Cayce

Pablo Suarez – The Broken Oath

Pat Luther – Yellow Tape and Coffee

Patricia S. Bowne – Fountain Girl

Patrick LeClerc – The Beckoning Void

Pedro Gabriel – Ironcraft

Peter Blaisdell – The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms

Phil Parker – The Valkyrie of Vanaheim

Philinna Wood – The Heart of the Bloodstone

Phillip Murrell – Bystanders

PJ Wilson – Profane Rites

Quenby Olson – Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide (to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons)

R R Carter – Born of Fire

R. Ramey Guerrero – Dust of a Moth’s Wing

R.E. Davies – The Prophecy

Rachael Vaughn – The Last Culling

Rachel Emma Shaw – Sacaran Nights

Rachel L. Tilley – The Locket: Magician’s Prophecy

Raina Nightingale – Children of the Dryads

Rance D. Denton – His Ragged Company

Rebecca Crunden – These Violent Nights

Reginald Lewis – The Guardian of the Ward

Reuben J Eckhart – Dissension

Richard Fierce – The Price of Honor

Rick Waugh – The Eternal Muse: Desecration

Rob J. Hayes – Spirits of Vengeance*

Robert H Fleming – The Talon’s Fury

Roderick T. Macdonald – The Killer and The Dead

Ron C. Nieto – Captain of the guard

Ron Sami – The Cradle

Ross Hughes – The Night Comes Alive

Rune S. Nielsen – A Company of Adventurers

Ryan G. Beaty – Crown of Madness

S. Lynn Helton – Crystalborne Sigils

S. R. Cronin – One of One

S. S. Rundolin – Sabin Escape From Foster Care

S.A. Klopfenstein – Den of Thieves

S.C. Gowland – Imagine the Fire

S.F. Claymore – Champion’s Rising

S.G. Blaise – The Last Lumenian

S.K. Nova – The Pacts We Make For Love

Samuel Thomas Fraser – Abby Normal

Sarah K. L. Wilson – Fly With the Arrow

Sargey Ravenwood – King Arthur vs Robin Hood

Scott Warren – Ought to be Dead

Sean Crow – Quenched in Blood

Sean Mauss – The Three Sons

Selkie Myth – Beneath the Dragoneye Moons: Oathbound Healer

Set Sytes – India Bones and the Ship of the Dead

Shaun Paul Stevens – Servant of the Lesser Good

Sinnamon Carnelian – A Trashy Medieval Romance

Slifer274 / Aaron Shih – Heretical Oaths

Staci Olsen  – Falling through Stars 

Stephanie Burgis – Scales and Sensibility

Stephanie Caye – The Flaws of Gravity

Stephen Taylor – Candle and Claw

Steve McHugh – No Gods, Only Monsters*

Steven Rudy – The Binding Tempest

Steven Smith  – Cutthroats and Traitors

Suzannah Rowntree  – A Day of Darkness

T R Peers – The Wake of Manadar

T. A. Hernandez – Tethered Spirits

T. M. Kohl – The Lost King

Tatiana Obey – Bones to the Wind

Ted Rabinowitz – The Wrong Sword

Thane Tyler – The Heretic

Thiago Abdalla – A Touch of Light*

Thomas Howard Riley – We Break Immortals*

Tim Beeden – Envy

Timothy S Currey – The King & Kishar

Toby Bennett  – The Sickle’s Edge

Tom Mock – The Long Nights

Tony Debajo – In The Shadow of Ruin

Topher Metcalf/Walt Allen – The Gates Of Anak’anor

Travis M. Riddle – On Lavender Tides

Trina L. Talma – Silver and Blood

Tristan Dineen – Falhorne: The World Is Burning

Trudie Skies – The Thirteenth Hour*

V. M. Jaskiernia – Delphinium, or A Necromancer’s Home

Valinora Troy – The Lucky Diamond

W. B. Biggs – Come Hell and High Water

Will Rice – The Sorcerer Within

Willow Woods – The Shadow Courtesan

Wren Murphy – The Serpent Lord 

Zak Dragon – The Lich of Thandorien

Zamil Akhtar – Lightblade

*read and reviewed before they were entered into SPFBO #8