Review: The Sword of Kaigen – M.L.Wang


So, my original plan was to kick things off properly on the blog in the New Year (2020 here I come), with a top-five summary of the books I have read this year on Hogmanay. I will still be posting that because I want to share some of the books that have stuck with me this year – influencing both my reading and my writing.

However, I wanted to talk about a book that I finished on Monday and has pretty much consumed my thoughts since then and has firmly claimed a spot on that top 5 list, and that is the ‘Sword of Kaigen’ by M.L. Wang [Available here]. I had seen a lot of people talking about this book on twitter and through the SPFBO#5, and everything I read suggested that this book would be right up my alley, and I wasn’t wrong.


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