Book Blitz (Spotlight): A Sea of Pearls & Leaves – Rosalyn Briar


Today I am delighted to be part of the Storytellers on Tour Bookl Blitz for ‘A Sea of Peals & Leaves’ by Rosalyn Briar. I will be reviewing the book later this week, as unfortunately I have been unwell the last few days and I am a little behind and I want to do the book justice rather than cobbling together a hasty review. So here is a spotlight and a chance (US only) to win yourself a copy of this beautiful book (just look at that cover!).

Book Summary:

Princess Ingrid of Norella Isle does not want to get married. So, her priestess girlfriend, Lilura, devises a wicked plot to deter suitors with a nearly impossible marriage contract: should Ingrid die first, her husband must be buried at sea beside her.

The plan backfires when all seven suitors agree, and the king announces a competition for Ingrid’s hand. Ingrid must keep her head above water as she deals with the suitors, a jealous girlfriend, and the news of two murdered priestesses.

As the suitors are eliminated, one man stands out: the quirky and anxious Prince Soren who charms both Ingrid and Lilura.

When Lilura goes missing, Ingrid and Soren must piece together who has murdered the priestesses and why before it’s too late.

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