Animanga Friday: 91 Days – Review


There was no Map Madness this week due to WP deciding to eat my draft, and I unfortunately didn’t have time to redo it – so that post will be up next week. However, continuing with the weekly features and bringing back an old feature – the same week I was told that hopefully Project Anime, the anime society at my old university should be going back to in person showings – it’s Animanga Friday.

At the moment, I am currently watching Re-Main which is currently airing and is a sports anime about Water Polo (this is how to get me interested in a sport, make an anime about it) with a protagonist who is suffering from amnesia due to being in a (non-sport related) accident and I’m doing a rewatch of Fairy Tail with some friends. In terms of manga, I currently have these three on my netgalley shelf – and I intend to review them next week.

For this week though I have a review of 91 Days a fantastic prohibition era anime, and with all the kids heading back to school this weeks 3 Recommendations are all school-based anime.

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