Book Blitz: Astral Cuts – John Notlad


Today I am delighted to be helping out with the release day book blitz for ‘Astral Cuts’ by John Notlad organised by Storytellers of Tour. Below you can find an extract from the book to whet your appetite, and I hope you will check out the book and the author.

Book Summary:

A twisting contemporary fantasy about a son’s revenge, an imaginary friend with a magical dagger, and a journey between the planes of existence in search of one sinister cowboy.

Flint Hainsen is a young, ordinary man still living at home with his mom. That is, until the evening he discovers her lifeless body on the living room floor.

Grief-stricken, Flint quickly falls into the hands of an otherworldly gentleman by the name of John. The enigmatic, old cowboy claims to be a friend of his late mother. He offers answers surrounding her death and a plot of revenge. However, Flint soon finds that John’s motives are far more sinister than he let on and the answers he provides only lead Flint deeper down the rabbit-hole between this reality and another.

From the other side of that rabbit-hole emerges Nelson Germander III. He was a friend of Flint’s from childhood, an imaginary one. He has returned to the physical world with a warning: John is a demon from the Astral Realm, and he must be stopped.

Armed with Kashvi, a portal opening dagger, the two old friends descend through the layers of reality in search of John. They are confronted with the monsters that lurk in the shadows, and their minds. Along the way, Flint’s troubled past rears its head and the sinful connection that binds he and his mother to the astral visitors becomes all too clear.

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