Book Review: Spire Climbers (Titan Hoppers #2) – Rob J. Hayes


Today I am back with another belated review, this time for Spire Climbers by Rob J. Hayes the second book in the Titan Hoppers series and oh my gods I loved this book. Titan Hoppers was a blast, but Spire Climbers was something else and this has been a challenging review to write (and rewrite post laptop fall of death), because I wanted to do it justice and don’t think I came close.

You can find my review for book one here.

Disclaimer – I received a copy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Book Summary:

Iro and Emil have opened their first Gates, unlocked new talents, and proved the fleet’s Hoppers aren’t stalled. Despite leaving the rank of trainee, they find their training is just beginning.

Thrown into a new squad with an explosive Mage, a cursed Surveyor, and a Vanguard with shady motives, Iro and Emil will delve deeper into the titan than ever before. There are bizarre things in the depths; pitch black oceans, nests of swarming monsters, and Spires that rip through the hull of the titan.

But what purpose do the Spires serve and can Iro and Emil reach the top in time?

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