Book Review: Starbinder (The Eye of Eternity #0.5) – Mark Timmony


Today I am delighted to be reviewing Starbinder by Mark Timmony, a new novella in The Eye of Eternity series. If you missed the cover reveal across at Novel Notions yesterday, you can find it here. You can also find my review for the first book in this series – Blood of the Spear – here.

Disclaimer – I received a copy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Book Summary:

Forged in betrayal.

Tempered by the stellar winds.

Chosen by the stars.

For five hundred years since the Sundering, the order of the Shaluay Starbinders has been dwindling. With their Starwells lying dormant, key artefacts of their order lost and their seers driven mad by the powers that broke the world, only one hope remains to the man who leads them; a fifteen year old girl.

Born to a clan of Wanderers, Reiana has been raised by a harsh grandmother who blames her for the death of her daughter, Reiana’s own mother. When bandits attack the clan’s camp, Reiana leaves the safety of the caravans to pursue the abductor of her younger cousin, heedless of the dangers.

But when a creature of the Void takes notice can Reiana’s own untapped abilities save her, or will the truth of a betrayal see her lost forever?

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