Book Review: Tainted (A Tainted Dominion Novella) – Krystle Matar


For the third and final review for today, I’m reviewing Tainted by Krystle Matar. This was originally a story in the Dark Ends Anthology, but has been expanded into a full novella here and is set in the same world as her stunning debut Legacy of the Brightwash (Review here), and is currently one of the amazing books available in this Indie Fantasy Giveaway. This was a fantastic novella and reminded me just how much I love Matar’s characterization.

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Book Summary:

Glaen must choose: the woman he loves, or freedom. Does he comply with the law of the Authority, or does he continue to see Gianna, the only light of his life? The consequences of his choice will ripple through more than he realizes. Revolution can start with a single shot.

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