Book Review: The Laughing Heart (Shadow Twins) – Luke Tarzian


Today I’m reviewing The Laughing Heart by Luke Tarzian. This was originally a story in the Dark Ends Anthology, and is currently one of the amazing books available in this Indie Fantasy Giveaway. The Laughing Heart is part of the Shadow Twins series, and you can read my review of the first book Vultures here – and I am so excited to see what Tarzian is going to do in the next book House of Muir.

Also, The World Breaker Requiem, the second book in the Adjacent Monsters series is out next month and it’s going to be bloody fantastic, so n

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Book Summary:

THE LAUGHING HEART follows the early years of one Cailean Catil, introduced initially in VULTURES. Still reeling from the death of his husband Bar, a young Cailean takes up arms against the fallen angel Galska Nuul in an effort to release the city of Harbanan from the monster’s hold. But as Cailean quickly learns, things aren’t exactly what they seem. Once marked, always marked.

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