Cover Reveal: Moon Rising (The Upsilon Series #1) – Daniel Weisbeck


Today I am delighted to be part of the Storytellers on Tour Cover Reveal for Moon Rising by Daniel Weisbeck which is due for release on the 1st November 2021.

Book Summary:

She is not who she thinks she is. Her true identity is a mystery.

Trapped in a cellar by a man she does not know; a young girl is forced to act out the life of someone she has never met to stay alive. When she escapes, she finds herself on the run, confused and questioning her past. With the help of Bobby Houndstooth, a teacher she once knew, and Nutt, an android who loves to dance, Silon begins to unravel her true identity and a mysterious relationship she has with a sinister corporation.

Silon must decide if she is the person others expect her to be or if she can become a person of her own making.

Even if it kills her.

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