The Nook

Tilt Lens Photography of Open Book With Ceramic Cup in Saucer

The Nook is still largely under construction but this my cozy place. Here you will be able to see some of my favourites (current and of all time) on The Bookshelf. In The Galley you can see what I am currently reading on netgalley (and sometimes even a sneaky look at what I thought of those books before reviews go live). On the Writing desk, will be information about my current writing project – The Citadel, and probably random scraps of information (so just like my actual desk). The Little-Big Screen is for television shows, films and anime (although with how much of that I watch, it may get it’s own little corner at some point).  Still to come is the Dice Chest, for the DnD shenanigans of the Fellowship of the Glowing Potato (we all have that nat 1 that can’t be forgotten right?).